God Bless America: Press Release (English)

A philosophical-political novel
by artist, director and painter

Unlike animals whose choices are driven by instinct, man acts within his own freedom. Beasts cannot stray from the rules prescribed to them, even when it would be to their advantage. Man, on the other hand, does stray from his prescribed rules, often to his own detriment.

In this philosophical context the artist speaks of his second novel, in a cinematographic style -- between what is real and what is virtual, between war and peace, reason and folly, beyond "Good" and "Evil", and in a natural interweaving of the animal and human worlds. Set in New York and Florence, Italy (before and after 9/11), it centers on an American family, The Warriors, living together in harmony with their animals -- with the exception of the dog and cat who are engaged in constant conflict.

Despite the fact that the conflict between Gurgk and Bushett (the dog and cat) is considered "natural", the seven-year-old main character, Darwina Warrior, is distraught about the situation. But when she discovers that Gurgk has killed Bushett's mother, and even eaten her kittens, her living arrangement with the two "enemy" animals becomes a true nightmare.

After 9/11, Darwina, who is fascinated by European pacifists, asks her parents to buy a "real rainbow", convinced that the sacred symbol can even reconcile their dog and cat.
Although the request is naïve, it is quickly accepted by her parents, who are traumatized by the continual threat of Islamic terrorism. As they also long to visit Europe, they decide to leave America for a short holiday in Florence. But even there, they find that everything is not as it seems...

Is it possible to trace the line in the rainbow that determines where the violet ends and where the orange begins? We can see the various colors distinctly, but at what exact point does the first transform into the second? Can the same be said for human reason and folly?

In its search for a balance between opposites through a concise historical reconstruction, the novel uses a language far from being politically correct, boldly "desecrating" Good, Love, and Peace. Without sanctifying Evil, Hatred, or Immorality, it will unmask moralism and pacifism. Digging mercilessly through the dark mazes of humankind, especially in its post-modern, nouveau-riche, sophisticated and supertechnological version, it "discovers" a moral and spiritual void.

XHOVALIN DELIA artist, director and painter

Xhovalin Delia, filmmaker & painter, born in 1959 in Albania, lives and works in Florence, Italy. <0}

His art, oriented towards Post-Modernism, knows no bounds; in fact, the very diversity that "divides" people and the universal values that united them are the essence of his creativity, which he transmits through painting, installation, video, performance, film, and literature. "God Bless America" is his second literary work, after his novel "Venus", published in 2005.