Delia's Style

All the works below are acrylic on unmounted canvas (except for Florence by Me), sizes are approximate and in centimeters. Prices are in Euro. The paintings can be rolled in a tube for safe shipping. You will be able to order them soon through PayPal - or you can custom order any painting you see below in any size - just send me an email with the name of the painting and the size you would like.

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Florence by Me

Two "towers" consisting of multiple canvases (mounted), over 3 meters in height.

Santo Spirito, 50 x 70

Ponte Vecchio, 70 x 50

Nudo, 50 x 35, € 250.00

Via dei Servi, 50 x 35

Firenze, 70 x 35

Particolare Ponte Vecchio, 50 x 20, € 160.00

Uffizi, 50 x 20

Ponte Vecchio IV, 50 x 20

Ponte Vecchio II, 70 x 50

Ponte Vecchio III, 70 x 50